Delight Yourself in the Lord


Who else is excited about this 4-day weekend? 🙌 I don't know about you, but we've had a pretty rough winter! The problem hasn't been so much the snow than it has been the cold. It seems like spring just wouldn't stick this year!

As much as that's probably not that shocking to many of you ladies up north, one thing that may be a shocker is the fact that we're almost 6 months into the year!!!! Like where did the time go?! Seriously, it feels like just yesterday I was giving birth to my baby girl Jessy! WOW!....When you mommas said, "enjoy those first few months because time flies", you guys weren't kidding!

Living in a society where things are always fast paced, life can become overwhelming at times. Especially for us newbie mommas! Believe me when I say I've had my fair share of diaper explosions and mommy meltdowns. You know, those explosions like when you JUST arrive to church with your newborn baby in a cute outfit, ready to show them off to the world and then they don't even last 10 minutes before you have to change them from head to toe?!

Yup, I get it ladies! Or how about when you finally arrive somewhere and realize you forgot to pack necessary items like, diapers and wipes? Now that can really make you lose your mind! So, for all you future mommas out there, note to self: ALWAYS keep an emergency stash of diapers, wipes and a change of clothes (of their current size lol) in the in the car. Believe me you will use it. It's not matter of IF, its just a matter of WHEN.⏰

LOL....Looking back now, I can laugh at SOME of those moments (not all) because I can see how it has all become a learning process for me and how this process is molding me to become the mom God is calling me to be. 

Despite me thinking that I was 100% ready to be a mom, nothing can fully prepare you on what's to come. After taking care of my nieces and nephews on a regular basis, including several over nights. I thought "piece of cake, piece of pie, I'M READY!"..... Negativo 👎 Being a super titi (aunt) will never compare to becoming a 24/7 mom..... NEVER!!! Don't get me wrong, it did help but there's so much more to being a mom then buying a child their favorite candy or toy.

It even feels different. When my first nephew was born I fell in love with him so much, I thought "oh my goodness this is what it must feel like to be a mom." But, was I wrong! It's a completely different feeling, when it's your own. There's like this distinct connection. Within these 4 short months of being a mom, I've learned to know Jessy in a way that no one else does. I know her needs and her wants. (well at least 8/10 of the time lol) I know when something is wrong or when she's in pain. (That mother intuition stuff really does exist!) It's like this special bond created by God, that only you two will ever understand.

When God put in my heart the desire to become a mom, I became pregnant within 2 months. The day I found out I was expecting (which was May 26, 2018 to be exact) it was one of the happiest days of my life. I remember sitting on the toilet (seat down of course) asking God to please consider the petition of my heart! (See one week prior to taking this pregnancy test I took an early detection pregnancy test and it came out negative. A week later I started to notice my body beginning to feel extremely different and tired, so after 1 week feeling off I decided to take another test.) As I waited on the results, I remember telling God even if I'm not pregnant you have the power to impregnate me right now!" I honestly did not think I was pregnant, but I told myself "Abby, you can not doubt and have faith at the same time! You have to choose one!" So I chose faith and a couple minutes later BOOM!!!! It said PREGNANT!

I was so ecstatic I couldn't contain myself! The following weeks I began to ask God if he could bless me with a little girl. It was weird because growing up I became more attached to the baby boys that were in my life than the girls, but for some reason, girl was what was in my heart. And even though, most moms are like "ohhh it doesn't matter if its boy or girl, I'll be happy either way" I'm going to be one of those REAL mommas out their for ya'll and admit that yes I would have been happy either way, but what was in my heart was a girl! And not just any little girl but a happy baby girl and as you can see that's exactly what I got!

One of my favorite verses is . . .

Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.

Psalm 37:4

I absolutely love this verse! You may think it's because God just to gives me everything that I want. But, that's definitely not the case. It's because I have learned throughout the years, that when I delight myself in him, and I do his work and take care of the assignments he put in my life, I become aligned with God's heart. And when you align yourself with God's heart you begin to desire the things he has separated for you.That's why it's important, that in a world that can be distracting, I take out the time to slow my roll and reflect on how good GOD has been to me!

So for all you ladies who may read this, remember it's not bad to dream and have plan. As long as you understand that God is the author of our story! Our thoughts are not his thoughts and his ways are always better than our way! He know what's best for us.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11


  • Jennifer
    Just wanted to leave a comment I just received my Jean skirt I ordered last week and I am more than pleased with it. It is beautiful!! Thank you so much for the fast shipping, In the reasonable prices that you offer it is so hard to be modest these days as a woman and find what you need. Keep up the good work don’t get weary in well doing. May the Lord continue to bless all of you in Jesus name God bless!!

  • Ivette Alier

    Beautiful words and Gb

  • Judi

    I’m so proud of you and this was beautiful. God has really blessed you and your small family. (for now it’s small) but it touched me and the verse in Jeremiah always pops up and I need to make it mine. I love you Abby

  • Tawauna

    Enjoyed this. Thanks.

  • Belkis Polanco

    This is beautiful!❤️ I hope God continues blessing your life like He has been doing.

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