About Us


Jupe De Abby is a women's modest boutique specializing in cute and comfy clothing for all women. We believe that modesty isn't just about what you wear but a lifestyle. 

Our Story

Jupe de Abby was founded by owner Abigail Morales (at the age of 20). The company first started as a home based business and since has evolved into a full-blown company. At first, Abby’s initial thought was that this would only become a hobby where she would be able to help ladies from her church and other churches in her city find modest and affordable denim skirts. Little did she think, that desire God placed in heart would grow the way that it has today.

On June 11, 2011, she hosted her first homebased Grand Opening Skirt Party, where she held a mini fashion show, offered giveaways and gave women the opportunity to shop for what they were really looking for, skirts. The party was a great success and word about this small start-up company began to spread fast.


After one year of selling locally, a national demand began to grow. On June 11, 2012 the company launched its first official website wwwjupeinc.com. God continue to put the right people by Abby’s side to help her grow the company. As sales began to grow, so did inventory. Abby knew she could not continue this just as a home based business. On October 5th, 2013 Jupe opened its first storefront at 2225 Clifford Ave, Rochester, NY 14609.

 The location was opened Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. This location was a huge blessing to so many ladies. It became common for visitors out of town to drive 1-3 hours distance just to shop. After 2 years, the company grew out of its Clifford location and moved to 928 W. Ridge Rd, Rochester NY 14615.

After 3 years of business in the Ridge rd location, in Fall 2019 Abby decided to move the business home so that she could run the business while taking care of her newborn daughter Jesenia, making the store only online. 

Since then, Abby continues to run her business from home while being a stay at home mom to her 4 yr old Jessy and 2 year old Alyssa, with the help her small team.